kevin durant: being present

the tweet that started it...

mark riddle  shared this video today on his facebook profile.   a dude named george overbey is following fourth year NBA star, currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder kevin durant  on twitter.

kevin durrant posts that he’s bored and wants something to do. and george tweets back and invite kevin to play.  with more than a million followers on twitter a single conversation begins

the series of tweets that followed from george to durant.

and so its on…kevin drives about an hour and plays some flag football with some students. craziness!  but  so cool.  it was a risk for sure.  and from the video it got crazy.  so grateful that a dude with durant’s celebrity status would risk  to be inconvenienced and hassled to play a game with some ordinary students.  i see the message of being present all over this.  so the question today…are you willing to let your daily routine be “inconvenienced” to make a difference?

One thought on “kevin durant: being present

  1. Eric Mayer

    Another way of looking at it is Kevin Durant should be grateful and consider himself lucky that some “ordinary” students would risk to be inconvenienced and hassled to play a game with someone who’s worth about $86 million because you never know what comes with THAT kinda money.