knowing when its time to go…leave well.

you are now leaving wella friend and mentor, doug fields announced publicly last week that he was taking a new assignment in the Kingdom. although its still not completely clear what he’s doing i am so grateful for his honesty and willingness to talk about his steps of faithfulness. this edition of the sym podcast is amazingly good. doug reveals some of the process of how he came to realization that it was time to move on. just one more reason why i’m grateful for what God is doing there in lake forest to demonstrate how to do work in the Kingdom. recently we’ve worked through some transition at our outpost. i saw the “leaving well” piece played out in the life of my colleague jeff selph. the day after the elders made the decision to restructure our staff, jeff spoke to his dad and his dad told him “to leave well.” that was critical to his journey and ours as an outpost. i was able to watch both jeff’s journey and better understand doug’s. (jeff shared his heart in his final message here.) it is so encouraging to watch faithfulness. the “leaving well” piece is hard, but it is so necessary. as the economy continues to force change in the local church and i read about downsizing and some good friends having to step out and really trust God’s leading we need to encourage the “leaving well. oh yeah…you’ll have to get past mcgill drinking 20 ozs of bbq sauce to get to the really good stuff. enjoy.

2 thoughts on “knowing when its time to go…leave well.

  1. Jeff

    Thanks, Tom. This is probably the first and last time I’ll be mentioned in the same post as Doug Fields, so it’s a banner day for me. I really appreciate you complimenting me, by the way. It means a lot.

  2. Kim

    I think Jeff Selph is one classy Christian (he might not like being called classy). He displayed the character of Christ, which is a reflection of his heart for Christ. He set the bar high –