well we’ve begun. and today i’m recovering. the “begunning” was for the year of student ministry. we waited to start until the fairs were out of the way. i’ll post some pictures and videos later, but i gotta say it was a very cool nite. somehow about a month ago i stumbled on the details to invite a band, one life lost who i had heard at the alive festival this summer. they rocked the house down. besides the 234 hotdogs…a few dozen bags of chips, multiple dozens of cookies and 9 gallons of lemonade it was a night fun and community. it amazes me, and it really shouldn’t… at the generosity of so many. not just generosity of resources but of talents and helps too. from moving all the chairs out of the auditorium to moving all the chairs back in and everything that happen in-between it was a solid message of welcome and openness to the 200 plus that gathered. now the real task comes in developing a solid program of growth and engagement at both the jr hi and sr hi levels. that in the midst of our renovating the space. should be fun to say the least. of course getting a huge head cold in the middle of the whole finalizing time this week was not helpful, despite that God showed up in spite of us and gave us all a great night together.