lunar eclipse

DSC_0036.JPGit only seems appropriate that there’d be a full moon and a lunar eclipse tonite…that’s the planet saturn to the left of the moon near the edge…. given the adventures of the past two days it just makes perfect sense. several interesting conversations and dialogues should have made me aware something was coming. just love the beauty of it all. the next couple of weeks are going to be busy. first there’s the effort of bringing the youthscape project to a close. we’re in the final steps and the crunch is on. we raised the profile a couple of notches and have a good group of volunteers lined up to do the work. somewhere in the midst of the next five days in lots of work…hopefully some fun. i’ve had to modify the trip to Cincy for the nymc to just a day and half. amazing stuff here with the son’s final season of bball landing a sectional game on Friday and then the girls of grace simulcast on sat and group on sunday. done crazier things, but we’ll make it happen.

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