Metaxas on Bonhoeffer Part 2

Eric Metaxas speaks at chapel on the campus of Malone University.

Here’s the second installment of the conversation with Mark Zimmerman from Moody Radio cleveland/WCRF and noted author Eric Metaxas recorded at Malone University.

And there’s a lot of good stuff here.  Mark says during the interview…”we had 45 minutes and it could have been at least 4 hours.”

A couple of key questions that Eric Metaxas brings some focus to is what the life of Bonhoeffer means almost 65 years later. You’ll have to watch to get the answer. But one thing is sure in my mind is there is a connection between William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, both men that Eric has helped us to see in a important light. I know too that its about character and conviction and a willingness to risk to live it out…and its that living out is where things really get interesting. would be interest in your response. please leave a comment.

A conversation with Eric Metaxas-Part 2 from nhloud video messages and media on Vimeo.