Nathan Junker and Al “Herm” Hermiston – “we are liberators”

back in the office today from having been out last week for our mission trip/ dare 2 serve-09…working away…getting caught up and just got an email from a friend asking for prayer for the families of two Kingdom warriors, youth pastor Nathan Junker and youth leader Al Hermiston from the Grand Rapids area.  this is just beyond belief.  i don’t personal know either of these men.  But i encourage your prayers for their families and their churches and especially those 5 youth that were saved by the sacrificial and heroic actions of their shepherds.  i can’t even imagine the horror for all involved.  nathan’s last blog post a couple days ago is on prayer and spiritual warfare.

Enter into the battle that rages invisible around us. Shake the foundations that Satan has established in our world. We know that it stands on nothing but sand. Praise the name of the Lord who is our strong tower. Rebuild the walls that have crumbled down from sin. Stand firm and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.” (Matthew 11:12). We are more than conquerors…we are liberators.

from Kevin Hansen’s blog…

…This afternoon, Pastor Nathan Junker and Al “Herm” Hermiston, a long-time youth leader at Faith Baptist Church, were with the Jr. High youth on Pokegama lake. The two of them and 5 of the youth were on a sand bar near Drumbeater Island and were swept out by the waves and wind, unknown to others who were on a beach nearby. They struggled to swim back. Several of the youth and Herm were wearing life vests, but Herm gave his to one of the kids who did not have one.
All 5 of the youth made it safely back, but the two men did not. Herm was found face down in the water and taken to the hospital, where he died. At this time, Nathan has still not been found in spite of the search efforts of others in the party and law enforcement.

Please pray for Herm’s family, especially his wife Nancy, and for Nathan’s family: wife Samantha (Sam), and children Lauren, Alexandra, Journey, and Lincoln. Nathan’s father Randy Junker is pastor of the Grand Rapids Alliance Church. His mother’s name is Debbie. And pray for the people of both churches and the community who have been affected by these men.

9 thoughts on “Nathan Junker and Al “Herm” Hermiston – “we are liberators”

  1. Chris

    Thanks for posting… Nathan is a great guy! He’d do anything for anyone… especially for them to know Christ.

    Keep praying…

  2. Tauna Hudson

    Both Nathan and Herm were wonderful with the youth. My daughter has great memories of these men. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them…

  3. tim junker

    I am Nathan’s brother and was turned to your blog. Thank you for you love of brothers on Christ you have yet to meet. My family is in mourning, but love has surrounded us and swallowed us whole. Thanks for all your prayers. We were able to say our goodbyes, as those who searched did an amazing job. Thanks for all the prayer. Each and everyone was heard.

  4. John Byrne

    I have met Nathan, and I know his dad. It goes without saying that Nathan and Al left this world heroes. The two men made sure five students survived before they went to be with Jesus.

  5. sam Post author

    tim…just got time to sit and process the comments. and while i look at yours the local moody station is playing a recent song from hillsong…mighty to save…praying that in the days to come you and your family will find strength in the present reality of Jesus’s death -resurrection – ascension – that he conquered the grave. may your sorrow be turned into dancing. be blessed! there is a world of Kingdom builders praying for you all now.

  6. Amy

    Thank you for the beauty in your words. I knew Herm. His daughter is my dear friend. This has truly been a horrific week for them and all that knew her wonderful father. I also knew Nathan as he used to be our youth pastor at our church. So many have been affected by them. Both in their lives and in their deaths. I know that they would have wanted God to be glorified no matter what. I pray that continues to happen in honor of their memory.

  7. ebony

    i personally dont know these two brave men but their story made an impact to me. They gave their lives to glorify God.. and that leaves me with a question “what more can i do to glorify His name.