@nathanjunker and al Hermiston follow-up


Samantha, and their three daughters Lauren, Alex, Journey, and Nathan holding their newborn son, Lincoln.

since my post monday, more details are available on the tragic accident that claimed the life of two kingdom warriors from faith baptist church, grand rapids, mn – 30 year old youth pastor nathan junker and 63 year old youth worker al hermiston.  here’s the full story from the star tribune

a friend of nathan’s, dave yankowiak has put together a link to assist in getting the word out on a trust that has been set up to help the family transition through this tragic turn in their young life.

if you feel inclined to help please click here to learn where to send your donation.

al hermiston

al hermiston

please also pray for the family of al hermiston as they push through the loss of a husband and father.

information on their memorials are here.