#nymc day 1

rolled in town with time to spare to take in the first session for the National Youth Ministry Conference being held in Columbus. the seagway olympics was classic. the creative energy of josh and jake and the gain really makes the conference a lot of fun. i bumped into a few old friends. on tap tonite beyond doug field’s welcoming the gathering was the introduction of the harris twins…brett and alex. authors of do hard things: a teenage rebellion against low expectations and bloggers – they reminded all of us that 1) today’s 13-18 year olds understand the big things about God and 2) that God can use the youth we serve to do big things for him. one interesting fact came from the conferences that these young men have hosted around the country..the most popular book at their book table is wesley gruden’s systematic theology text. that’s not light weight stuff. and it does say something about this current generation and a hunger to impact the world differently. beyond the great worship we were introduced to the amazing heart and talent of three musicians who comprise the band braddigan.  simply amazing.  artists who are working to return the mystery to music for the sake of honoring the Creator.  the band is dedicated to taking God’s music to those broken and disconnected….because if His music is there, nothing else can be.  fun stuff.  more tomorrow.

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