offensive hope and lady gaga

saw this on The Blog of Lisa Colón DeLay I had mentioned in my message in big church a few weeks ago the impact of lady gaga and her newest work, born that way in todays culture.

i had calculated that her song had been viewed literally every second since it had been posted on youtube over 6 weeks ago (some 25 million+). similarly the same song was downloaded more than 1.2 million times on itunes on the day it was released.

what i found really interesting and lisa goes after the same question about gaga’s reaction to a get out of hell card that a guy gave her while headed to a concert. the part of the video you want to watch begins at 2:20 goes til about 5:00. its worth the watch. be warned its straight up kind of talk so don’t be offended. if there is any offense taken it should be by how she was spoken to by this guy who was trying to suggest he had eternal hope to offer her. she asks several insightful questions and the guy on the street probably missed an incredible opportunity to truly offer her Hope.

i’m wondering if he had approached her in a more loving manner what her response might have been. it may explain why our culture is slipping from its Judeo-Christian roots. and why Gaga’s song resonates with so many youth (and adults) today.  it maybe that some Christians really need to be quiet for Christ’s sake.  How would you have responded if Lady Gaga had approached you?

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2 thoughts on “offensive hope and lady gaga

  1. Matt Flinner

    I was thinking about using this song tomorrow. Bringing up the whole Moralistic Therapeutic Deism concept. My wife doesn’t think it’s in the best interest of my employment. The song, not the topic.

  2. admin Post author

    interesting. you’re already poking things with mtd. part of the whole “culturally relevant” thing. bet if you asked your students and young adults to bring in their ipods…you’d find more than a few copies.