pearl jam, carrasco and run it back.


a friend, rudy carrasco spent the weekend in grand rapids. while there he spent some time teaching at mars hill church…telling his story.  rudy is on the front line of of doing ministry in a way “to see the resurrection happen all over again….see the scripture happen all over again.”

rudy makes mention of this  youtube video…just for the fun of it.  it is kinda of weird…but fun. 

you can download his message here. (you’ll have to listen to figure out what “run it back” is all about).

we just finished a series at the.evolution on developing habits the will change your life.  the last session was on studying scripture and i sent the students home with a bible study on the book of 1 john.  rudy’s core text was based on 1 john1:1-10.  some interesting things here.

rudy is a great servant leader and i’m glad a handful of our students had some time with him when we were out west two summers ago. rudy21 we stopped by at harambee and did some work on their streetscape.  it was a little job – we added a couple of containers to the curb for recycling.  a modest effort, but something that gave us a small sense of being part of their larger mission of impacting the neighborhood for the Kingdom.

kaitlyn, emmah and mitch give it their best effort.  that’s rudy and his boy sam walking in the background.

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