pknpk memories

the day pushed along and it just kept snowing and snowing. the students had an incredible time. the drive home was a little more adventureous as we drove through snow the whole way back. we finally got back into ltown about 3:50 am. and all was going well at first…i jumped off the motor coach and started up the UAV to warm it up and headed back to help unload all the gear. i’m not exactly what happened during the next 15 minutes…but that simple action impacted the next 2 hours.dscn0038 i left the doors open to load in our gear and someone accidently locked the doors…with the engine running. so we ended up loading into brian’s car and he drove me all the way back home to grab rose’s keys. i didn’t have the heart to ring her to get her up. so when brian and i got back to the school the UAV was still running in the parking lot…nice and warm. by the time i stopped by parker’s place to drop off his gear and got home it was 6:02 am when i crawled into my warm bed.

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