wonderland poll

interesting op-ed in thursday’s wsj by dan henninger…

Hatin’ Palin

She’s not the reason Americans can’t stand their politicians.

here’s a core clip…

The established political pros let the selection process come to this. Presidential candidates such as John McCain and Barack Obama have become untethered from the discipline of party institutions, largely because the parties have lost coherence. So we get celebrity candidates made famous, fundable and electable by dint of their access to the Beltway media. For voters, this election is a national Hail Mary.

dan goes on to offer an opinion poll about who we’d prefer leading the country through a time of testing in foreign policy.  i’ve posted it as a poll and for the sake of conversation would invite you to vote in it.  its in the side bar of my blog.  give it a shot.

like dan, given the choices i’d take gov. palin.  the more she speaks, the more she engages the more impressive she becomes.