while working on putting lights on the CHRISTmas tree I had pulled up the netflix menu and saw this new title  DOCUMENTARY: “The President’s Photographer: Fifty Years Inside the Oval Office”.  Though its been a few years…i hit play and…wow…an impressive story.

Many years ago i actually aspired to seek employement doing this very thing.  I documented President Reagan’s visit to our community in ’83 and spent a long day with another amazing “shooter”, Michael Evans.  Though Pete Souza wasn’t on that trip, I did meet and work with him later as well as with David Valdez (P GBush) Steven Purcell (VP Quayle),  Susan Biddle (P Reagan), Bill Fitzpatrick (P Reagan).

Its well worth the watch.  You get a whole different perspective on how our “republican experiment” works from the inside.  Eric Draper (P GWBush) offers an amazing view of what it was like on 9/11.  And one video clip showing a conversation with Nixon and his photog…very revealing.  So…over the holidays if you get a chance, check it out.