present hope is theme

Saturday was an amazing (i need some new descriptors!) after some team briefing and logistic conversations we set off for our first bike ride as a team.  it was a short ride to the offices of one of our sponsors – Convoy of Hope .  We took some team pictures and then toured their amazing facility.  There is a deeper sense of God’s presence in community when the team rides. the word we heard most often on the ride was “grate” as in sewer grate….but GREAT is probably a better sense of what we pushed through.  Here’s a quick video from our morning visit.

its clear from our journey already are many conversations…the Present Hope theme truly is what we are experiencing.  I ‘ll try to unpack that as we go.  grateful to all for your constant encouragement.  So…what present hope do you  sense even now?  leave a comment.  please remember to pray!




2 thoughts on “present hope is theme

  1. Melinda

    nice video… you need to get in some shots too… love you. praying for the 45 for today. hoping church was uplifting. YOU CAN DO THIS AND MORE!!! you are my samwise… xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Madeline

    Present is an interesting choice of word (especially for one who is looking for more superlative adjectives :-)!

    There is the sense of being PREsent or attentive to something. Then there is the action of giving to someone as in preSENT. One can also show up or preSENT oneself in a particular way. The noun is both a gift and the tense of present versus future or past. I suppose you could also hyphenate and consider pre-sent as in going before. Lots of ways to ponder your theme of “Present Hope.”