present, hopeful and spandex

that’s the 3 three things we wanted as a team to be sure of as we moved through this incredible adventure God invited us into called the Present:Hope Tour.  a team of 13 men and women…ages 22 -65.  the most craziest of adventures.  so much more to tell.  but yet simply we desired as a team to be present to all we walked with…each other and all we met.  in our living life together was to be hopeful…again to each other…and to those we met…and final we wanted to be like our glamorous bike kits…spandex…completely flexible…again in our caring community of 13 men and women as we journeyed some 803 miles and in every situation to not miss what God is and was doing.  so much more to say.  grateful to convoy of hopehello somebody and venture expeditions…and the team.