prioritze-organize-simplify in 7 minutes

Its just about that simple.  Take 7 minutes to plan out what you need to get done daily.  one of the most practical take aways is to  make a list of 5 action items that you can accomplish daily by 11a.m…and do them.

The system I was provided for this review included a great book, The 7 Minute Difference: Small steps to big changes filled with excellent foundational principles on developing priorities and a copy of the The 7 Minute Daily Planner.

The audience for this system is  anyone who is engaged in leadership…which just about all of us.  The book offers a process of discovery of the reader’s purpose and passion.  I was pleased that Allyson began her work giving credit to another author and trainer, Brian Tracy.  Brian has equipped and trained tens of thousands of individuals, particularly in the non-profit arena on how to be strategic in impacting our world.  Three key points from Brian that Allyson builds on is:

  1. write down your goals
  2. make plans to achieve your goals
  3. work on those plans every day

Allyson takes these fundamentals and adds to it some practical wisdom and then offers  the utility of the Daily Planner that provides 10 different areas in the daily progress report.  Again the most practical is the “What I will do…5 before 11”.

I’ve begun working through the system myself as a refresher to things I learned from Brian more than 20 years ago.  I really like the planner concept, but would enjoy it even more if there was a digital version…especially an application for my android phone.  The system is moderately priced at $247.  It also includes a series of audio helps on how to develop and implement a total life system.   Here’s a video from Allyson Lewis youtube channel:

The system was just released on Oct 21st. Go here to learn more.  Just for the record I was provided a free copy of the book & planner for my opinion: good or bad.