for the last couple of years i’ve gotten to know doug fields in a more personal way. i knew of his good work because of the book – purpose driven youth ministry he authored a decade ago. it is a must read to understand and develop a healthy ministry with Kindgom impact to students.  more recently i’ve been invited into the pdym community.  that has afforded the privilege to share in some common dialogue with doug and dozens others from around the country.

most recently at the nymc in columbus, we were given a copy of doug’s newest book “refuel“. although i’m still working through it in a practical way (trying the “this week” action steps in each chapter).
i was excited to get to work on this book as i have a sense it comes straight from doug’s journey these couple of decades in ministry.
so this post is as much to say “thank you” to doug for persevering as it is a hearty endorsement to pick up your copy and push through it.  i’ve appreciated doug’s transparency as a leader and believe refuel is a testimony to how God has shown up and will show up in our lives if we concertrate on: stop – be quiet and make a connection.

saddleback is rolling out a three week church wide study in support of the book.  they’ve put a very useful website together here. and the video above is from the bloopers that were culled from the small group teaching. fun stuff.

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