as a pastor to students i tend to do a lot of road trips.  some short…some long.  last nite was one of the longer ones.  but it was fun some purpose in the midst of the frustration.  We set off early in the afternoon for the Winter Jam Tour in Columbus.  We stopped for dinner which i had allotted for but still went longer than expected.  then by the time we got to the concert venue (should have known 10 artists for $10) we were shut out from the parking areas with the attendants telling our caravan that it was sold out.  kinda of frustrating.  So we headed back up to the polaris mall and let the students have  a run at it.  though we missed some great music…i’m thinking the sense of community was even greater from the things that happened during the hours away. one of my favorite teaching principles is: life is more about our journey than our destinations.  And last nite that was born out.  here’s a couple of fun moments you can see in the  video.

1. the joy of finding out that some of dinner items on the menu were half-price.  All of the students had chosen water for their drink (to save funds)
2.  searching out bargains the young ladies found a steal on some sweet shoes…$5
3.  the money they had saved for their concert ticket turned into some fun dessert at cheesecake factory.

though there was some disappointment  in not getting to the concert.  it was a great time.

wondering what fun you’ve had on roadtrips. leave your thots in the comments.

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    it was an advance showing…we are planning on our girls small groups going…about 30.