rolly richert – kingdom warrior

i grabbed this image of Rolly working his magic in the booth at Dare 2 Share 2011 Columbus,

marko posted this morning, some sad news … rolly richert passed away yesterday.  rolly was gifted in helping so many Kingdom allies leverage the message of hope of the Gospel.  I first met him more than a decade ago when promise keepers piloted a youth event called “passage” that was inaugurated in columbus, ohio.  i had the privilege of serving on the executive team and working with Rolly as PK attempted to create a catalytic event to help fathers lead their sons into manhood and Kingdom impact.  I saw Rolly at other youth events over the years and finally had an opportunity to reconnect last spring at the Dare 2 Share event in Columbus, Ohio.  Rolly was a mastermind of the visual and using environments and technology to leverage the Gospel message.  I know that over the past month he’s been fighting some health issues.  He will be missed.  Please pray for his bride, Barbara and his family.  His facebook says this about him:

I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ, I Love being with my Family, I am in Love with my Wife, I am Crazy about my Grandchildren, I really enjoy my work, I try to learn new information everyday.