saddleback thots

wanted to share some of the fun i had last week while hanging with tony steward in the “ipod cast” green room. this clip (go here to watch) is as much fun to watch now as it was to see first hand. tony morgan started talking with bobby gruewald and carlos whittaker then miles mcpherson jumped and then not too long later perry noble popped in to. of course dj chaung was in and out all day long. i’m also certain that we had something to due with the whole twitter thing because i think we pegged their stats every day. just like we got the attention of the folks at the thoughts from the week has yet to settle in my head. settled. this whole networking thing was a huge blessing to me. for a decade and a half i walked in the nation’s political halls and had a roledex like no one elses. this week God blessed me with much fun. its the living from your heart and doing what makes you come alive. and now i’m using my gifts in a larger way for the Kingdom. who would have thought? so many good hearted folks and there is definitely something afoot. and i think the fun is just beginning.