six flags over Jesus?

catching up on my google reader this morning and i caught this video that lenoard sweet used to close out his session at story 2010. it caught me off guard but also touched a recent memory from our summer camp.

tim schraeder, blogging notes from story 2010 offered this on sweet’s talk… sweet suggests that the reason why this song resonated with so many people…especially for the people of Haiti…and even for our kids at camp…

  • That was the cry of a TGIF (Twitter, Google, iPhone, Facebook) generation.
  • When I get older then I’ll be stronger, they’ll call me freedom… just like a waving flag.
  • It’s a cry of hope.
  • This a culture looking for waving flags.
  • We are flying a lot of flags… leadership, justice, causes… of the Kingdom?
  • We don’t know what a Kingdom is because a kingdom has to have a king. We don’t understand that in America.
  • You know where the king is because they fly the flag of the king where he is present.
  • We need to start flying the right flag.
  • Jesus is the King.
  • Our storytellers need to start flying the flag of Jesus and His Kingdom.
  • We’ve been waving “Six Flags” over Jesus… we need to wave the flag of Jesus for a world desperate and searching for Him.

I think Len is on to something.  this summer at camp this same song, in its original version, easily became the theme song.  it resonated with the students. though they are only beginning to see the journey ahead of them, those of us in leadership in the church need to direct their paths with more intentionally…more is required from them and therefore more must be directed by us to help them live out what Greg Stier has renamed the Cause…for us pre-TGIF generation we called it the Great  Commission.