so i’m stuck up north…but you could benefit…

today is day three of the nymc nymc.jpg in beautiful cincy. given my exploits i just can’t get out of town til late sunday. and the biggest bummer is not hangin’ with the good hearted folks like josh and doug & company and a whole bunch of folks who are part of the pdym network. that being said, josh let me in on the fun to giveaway a digital download version of icredible.jpgIncredible! from Simply Youth Ministry. its a three week series looking at the miracles of Jesus.

  • Intro plus Turning Water Into Wine
  • Healing A Paralyzed Man
  • Healing A Blind Man

so the winner will be the third person who posts a link to a picture of the one and only josh or one of his compatriots like doug, andy, neely….in my comment section. and if you aren’t in cincy…at least tell me what you wish you were doing. i know you’re out there because the stats meter is going crazy this week. dang i wish life weren’t so buzy. blessings!