Song on Tuscaloosa – 5:13

for one of our morning conversations on the tour we were made aware of this song authored by 3 students at University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) the song was written just days after the tornadoes ripped through Tuscaloosa on April 27th @ 5:13 pm. thought is was so encouraging that these students would take their talents and leverage them to make a difference.  From the The University of Alabama  student newspaper : The Crimson White:

About a month after the April 27 tornado, citizens of Tuscaloosa are still finding ways to help uplift the community. One of these ways is through music.  Three UA alumni, Ryan Davis, Andrew Cotten and Michael Battito, wrote a song called “5:13” to send a message of hope to the people of Tuscaloosa.
According to Davis, the song’s title was inspired by the moment that the tornado first touched down in the city. Davis, who also goes by his rap alter ego Kadesh, rapped on the song and described it as alternative hip-hop. full story