soul surfer

had a chance recently to see a sneak peek of another good movie, soul surfer, that’s being rolled out to offer encouragement and hope to today’s teens.

the movie is based on the true life story of bethany hamilton and her courageous journey as a surfer competitor after a tragic accident where she lost her left arm to a shark attack.

we saw bethany speak at saddleback in ’08 as part of the student leadership conference.

Bethany Hamilton (l) being interview by Jana Sarti at saddleback.

Bethany, though quiet and resolute, made a huge impression on all the students.  Equally so is this movie to be release on April 8th around the country will offer a good conversation starter on how to face difficulties in life.

Soul Surfer will be a great movie for young women.  The storyline of Bethany’s journey will be a encouragement to any girl who is pushing through any kind of adversity.

my only criticism of the movie is that there could have been more modesty in the clothing that is worn…especially the swim ware. given the context of hawaii and surfing it seems appropriate , but I’m positive our  young men will be distracted.

Carrie Underwood makes a good youth director and dennis quaid and helen hunt are great parents. the surfing action its pretty good cinematography.

hope you can catch it in just about a month.