stand and effect change-trusting the decision~palin

  this is really interesting.  gov. palin is clear about her sound priorities.  she also asks her friends ad supporters to trust the decision…no more politics as usual. this is can be very good…and her understanding about serving something greater than self.  much like other great leaders she understand more clearly than many give her credit about the art of the political craft.  a reminder, it was 1964 when a nationally-televised speech by ronald reagan – a time for choosing launched him on the journey to become our nation’s 40th president.  this speech was given in support of then presidential candidate barry goldwater.  here’s clip..

you and i have a rendezvous with destiny.  we can preserve for our children this, the last best hope on earth, or we can sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.  if we fail, at least let our children, and our children’s children, say of us we justified our brief moment here.  we did all that could be done.  from Governor Reagan by Lou Cannon

it took another 16 years to cement reagan’s true place as our 40th president. his leadership was exactly what was needed in our nations unfolding story. i think, as palin gave her announcement on the eve of our nation’s independence i heard similar echoes. there is a story yet unfolding for her place in history.  it will be interesting to watch.

Picture 6and while you’re at it…have some fun here and color your own picture of the signing of the declaration.