Start from here: how not to feel like poop

my pal tim schmoyer posted this video on his blog earlier this week. i’m fascinated by what jeremy has to offer. the video is worth the watch. some real wisdom here. i’m also impressed by the conversation at the end between jeremy and his pastor. my mind has been moving through alot. i see almost everyday the impact of parents who don’t know how to parent…dad’s who don’t know how to be dads or men…mom’s that are confused about what a godly woman is to be. in fact our culture is stuck in perpetual adolescence.

i’m tired of the mess we have weaved for our children. i’m tired of being in schools the day after a young person has taken their young life…i’m tired of trying to be present in an ER with a young person who’s taken an overdose because the mess of their family leaves them, in their mind, no other recourse. i’m tired of those in the Kingdom not realizing the places we’ve created called “church” where community is anything but. i’m not sure the solution, but the process of restoration is going to be long and hard for our culture.  we’ve got to return to God’s blueprint. in the video, jeremy shares the wisdom of a friend who decided to begin anew. leaving behind the mess of their past, they said “you have to start from here…”  jeremy also shares that…

the trees with the deepest roots grow the highest…

so i’m going to rethink some things…some root things…i told my students this week i was going silent til Easter on the internets…i.e. facebook-texting-allthingssocialnetworks-etc. if they want me i’m available…ring me or come see me in the office or when i visit their schools. i’m going to use the margin to study, pray and learn. see you in april.

One thought on “Start from here: how not to feel like poop

  1. Tim Schmoyer

    Proud of you for doing this, Tom! Would love to hear what you’re processing and coming up with through this time. (Not that you’ll see this for a few weeks…) 😉