Stephen Hosmer: A True San Diego Hero!

Stephen Hosmer

yep…another story. here’s some video from an interview that Present:Hope Tour team-mate Stephen Hosmer did with KUSI-TV in San Diego.  Steve has an amazing heart and is an AVID cyclist. He rides a minimum of 2,500 miles a year. Personally he was (and still is!) an INCREDIBLE encourager to those of us on the team who were novices to cycling.

Steve is the Co-CEO of Royale Energy, Inc.  who also was a major underwriter of the Present:Hope Tour.  Steve has an amazing wit (note the picture on the trike) and a servant’s heart.  Every morning on the tour he worked quickly and almost anonymously to assure that each team member’s bike was properly lubricated and had correct tire pressure.  So cool to see his home town of San Diego recognize his accomplishment. So cool too that the story of our 803 mile ride is still offering momentum to the efforts of Venture Expeditions and Convoy of Hope.