stopping to think – turning the culture

today’s wall st journal has a notable op-ed by peggy noonan entitled:
update: the link only goes to a teaser paragraph. you can access the full article by getting a free subscription.)

America’s Crisis of Character

The nation seems to be on the wrong track, and not just economically.

her writing captured some thoughts i’ve been having these past couple of  weeks. Noonan walks through the last week and the messiness of the headlines…

and there’s several more that she lists out…but the brilliance of her writing is these thoughts…

In isolation, these stories may sound like the usual sins and scandals, but in the aggregate they seem like something more disturbing, more laden with implication, don’t they? And again, these are only from the past week.

The leveling or deterioration of public behavior has got to be worrying people who have enough years on them to judge with some perspective.

Something seems to be going terribly wrong.

Maybe we have to stop and think about this.

Indeed, there is much behind where we are going culturally…we need to be praying for clarity on how to turn the cultural tide.