spent a few days in the land of lincoln as a participant at story09. it was an amazing couple of days…just to spend some time with our ashland campus pastor kevin rush, jimmy warner the ashland campus worship leader, and a new friend, clint beiri.  and then there were many amazing moments over the 48 hours, all of which helped to shape some new understandings of how to communicate more effectively the truths of “the Story.”  the event was directed by Ben Arment who is amazingly creative and has an amazing heart.  so grateful that he followed his passions and brought together an amazing array of thinkers, writers, artists and poets.  the venue itself was the historical paramount theater in downtown aurora, il (on the trip out and back we watched waynes world just to commemorate our travels…party on!).


i was able to connect  for the first time with some good “twitter” friends and reconnect with others like lv hanson from catalyst. lv posted some helpful links to the various speakers and their presentations.

the workshops that followed on day two were hosted by pastor scott hodge and his amazing team of volunteers at orchard valley community church. both days were worth the trip in themselves. i’m still processing the two days.  more information than i’ve pondered in awhile. one of the most amazing elements was the combination of so many different “artists” of sorts focusing on how to better communicate the Story.  plans are already underway for story2010 this is a conference you’ll want to definitely put on your calendar for next year.