Strut…Indeed -@theelmsoffical

available 11.25.11

its been almost 13 years since i met two young men, brothers – Owen and Chris Thomas who were part of a band originally called Just Visiting.  They were opening at a concert in Ashland for another band that is no longer – Big Tent Revival those two young men went on to become the heart and passion of a new band called The Elms.  Over the next decade or so i had the privilege of hosting them mulitiple times at camps and concert venues.  And i travel a few hundred miles to support them.  They have amazing hearts.   Truth is we became friends.   i’ve followed their art and craft and have always appreciated their deep commitment to excellence.  Unfortunately they are no more, the band that is.  But i’m excited for the final chapter in their story as a major film is being released in just a few short weeks.  here’s clip from one of their amazing songs. its sad that the elms aren’t performing together anymore.  it was an amazing ride, yet their legacy and their craft has been captured incredibly well in this video package.  I’m got some other thoughts about Owen, Chris, Thom and Nate (each of them creative geniuses) and will be sharing over the next couple of weeks.  i think i’ve got some vintage video i may try to dig up.  but for sure i hope you’ll check out their website and most importantly think of that rock and roll lover on your Christmas list…they will love this amazing effort…The Last Band on Earth…i promise you get them this dvd & digital download…you’ll be their rock star.

here’s a closing tease from my archives… about 7 years ago the elms opened for switchfoot here in ashland.  one of the greatest images i’ve captured was of owen thomas talking with jon foreman. (thanks to my daughter emmah for finding this image.  its on film…i had forgotten about it).

two amazing musicians- owen thomas and jon foreman