symc dayb4

so its time for symc.  i’ve found the last couple of years much value in arriving the day b4.  probably for me the biggest virtue of this amazing conference is the sense of community that has developed over the four years i’ve been attending.  of course for me having connected with many of these great hearted folks through doug fields “gatherings” has been a blessing too. the day b4 is really about serving.  linking arms with other Kingdom builders.  first, i’m grateful beyond words for the gift of this time from my best friend and bride, melinda.  she schemed with matty mccage to make this possible.  yep i married up!

this year i’m blessed to to hang with my compatriot, matt flinner, youth pastor at walnut creek mennonite in millersburg…and zac yard a volunteer at our mothership…berean baptist/surge student ministry.

here’s some of the craziness from yesterday.  oh yeah…the staff at the hyatt o’hare is amazing.  more later.