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mark zimmerman at the western wall

grateful to my Kingdom Ally – Mark Zimmerman and our conversation early today (listen via the player above) about the upcoming adventure as part of the IJM Freedom TourMark is the host of the morning drive-time program on Moody Radio’s Cleveland station WCRF103.3 Its humbling to think how God has used our friendship to leverage the Kingdom over the past years….more than a decade….even find great humor in the intro song on this audio is from the person God used to connect us, Alan Root.  So take a listen…my hopes are several…first, that you might join in as a stakeholder…to take our effort and to invest to help to bring freedom to the captives those that are held in slavery….click here to donate.  second that you might think about what you can do to lean into growing the Kingdom by investing in yourself and others to make an impact.  Third, that you would follow our journey and pray for safety and impact (not our falling on the ground) for Mitch, Clay,  myself and the 22 others….and that God would use our physical sacrifice to leverage the work that our hosts, Venture Expeditions and our ride partner International Justice Mission are truly about.  I am grateful for the truth of Venture’s motto…Benefit the World – Discover your Soul.

If you’re here because of the interview, the following are the links to the items Mark and I talked about.

Passion Conference Freedom Film Project

Venture Expeditons IJM Freedom Tour

International Justice Mission

A 21 Campaign

Statistics on Modern-Day Slavery

here’s the map to day 4 that i mentioned too.  yep…crazy hills….day 4 map 1

day 4 map 2