the andy needham band

DSC_0598I was blessed to be able to take our student ministry leadership team to columbus for the Youth Specialties Team Training this weekend.  Lots of good and useful relationships were developed, some solid teaching from sage Marv Penner, Josh Griffin & Brooklyn Lindsey along with a few other things to take away.

One very pleasant new relationship was meeting the Andy Needham Band.   Andy and his team, from Boston, brought incredible energy and life to our times of musical worship.  One song in particular resonated well with the crowd… O Great God (check it out below).  The team and I had several informal conversations with the band, and each time we were encouraged by their passion and their authenticity.

It was fun to have the band just hanging around when they weren’t on stage..many of the 450 in attendance had a chance to connect with the too…So grateful we got introduced.

it was fun on the way home, up I-71 to pass their big white 15 passenger van.  We had figured it was a team of youthworkers heading home…but on closer inspection it was the band headed to Pittsburgh for a Sunday morning worship gig.  These incredibly talented young men are doing great things for the Kingdom.  Hope to see them again soon.