the burn…the maccabeats…

had to add this…an incredible story and message behind this song to celebrate Hanukkah from the Maccabeats...The Burn, a song about a young man, who is the only person of Jewish faith in his school…and how he stands in the opposition.  according to their website:

the video tells the story of how one young man draws inspiration from his Hanukkah experience to stand up to his modern-day “Greek” bullies. In a way, his family’s observance fulfills pirsumei nisa (publicizing the Hanukkah miracles, a term the Talmud uses to describe the function of the Hanukkah candles), as our protagonist channels the flames of Hanukkah to feed the fire of his Jewish pride.

you see it was a letter from a young man who saw last year video, candelight, that was encouraged to live more boldly in light of his faith…though he was the only one in his local high school. May we all live in the strength of that understanding.

ht to my pal tom pitrone for the find.