the eric trap – my thots

Jim WidemanSam LuceKenny Conley are each individually amazingly smart dudes in the Kingdom.  So when they work together they are  truly “uber-brilliant”.  Recently they have joined forces to pen a new short work on leadership for those in the children’s ministry realm.  (Although, i’m convinced that the wisdom of their effort, along with the practical input of their colleagues – Kristin Englund, Sherri Epperson, Craig Gyergyo, Deana Hayes, and Matt McDaniels– is an invaluable tool for anyone in any ministry).

This is day 7 of the “eric trap” blog tour and i’ve offered up a few thots here on my video review.  I’ll admit the fact that fictional children’s ministry Eric Newman works at New Hope Community Church made me taken an even closer look….and there was more than a couple of times where i wondered if Jim-Sam-Kenny had read my journals.  Seriously in more than 6 years as a pastor, vocationally and an additional 30 years as a volunteer in children’s/student  ministry i’ve encountered every aspect of Eric’s tough week chronicled in the book.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but when you finish you’ll be wondering what next steps Eric will be taking…and it all comes down to this…

We win or lose by the way we choose.

~Jim Wideman

For the reader the biggest and most practical take away and consideration is the encouragement from the author’s and their team to take your journal and turn the conversation to your own circumstance and begin to process how you are leading.   The task we are called to in ministry is not easy because its about coming along side others who are equally broken and disconnected and offering them a place where together we get to live out our faith by serving God.  Its hard work.  Its supposed to be.

I need to say again, The Eric Trap isn’t just for those in children’s ministry.  The collective wisdom is something i think every leader needs to process through.  And if you’re a volunteer or a parent this book will give you a better appreciation for what should be the expectations in the local church.  It’s an easy read and is worth the investment of time and money.   Its available here.

disclosure:  i did receive a free e-reader copy of this book for this review.