the gloves are coming off…hank williams jr is in the fight

ummmm…i’ll admit country & western isn’t on my normal playlist…but this is interesting to say the least.  and it points to something that perhaps the gop pundits still don’t get it.  i heard hank interviewed this morning on fox and he admitted that he was supportive of mccain, but really got engaged in the election effot with the choice of gov. sarah palin as vp.  palin truly enegerized the ticket those many weeks ago, and the lead has been squandered…maybe lost…maybe. the issue is mccain is a moderate…and that doesn’t play well by itself…the gop doesn’t understand conservatism, so they don’t understand why conservatives don’t like him by himself…palin is the energy.  the whole song is great but this verse just cracks me up…

Some are bound to tell you I’m
Preaching to the choir
And that is very true
And we are going even higher
Like a mama bear in Idaho
She’ll protect your family’s condition
If you mess with her cubs
She’s gonna take off the gloves
It’s an American female tradition

5 thoughts on “the gloves are coming off…hank williams jr is in the fight

  1. sam Post author

    there’s no crush…palin is a character study of my bride…have to like her….besides meilnda has been more excited about palin than i’ve been.

  2. Heidi

    Is anyone else the least bit uneasy about the possibility of having a female president???
    I mean, McCain is OLDER and things could happen.
    I like Palin but I’m not sure I want her leading my country…..when I read my Biblical history, it’s never a good thing when women take the leadership roles………

  3. sam Post author

    yeah lots of things could happen…but given the legacy of a grounded conservative like palin and the liberalism of the other guy…its probably a risk worth making. if no other reason than who gets appointed to the supreme court.

  4. Nick

    I love it…and I like Country music too :)
    The Elites should love it too…ok maybe not so much!

    I don’t think there is anything to fear with a woman leader. God used Deborah, Esther, and other women in the Bible.