the hands of freedom

although practical politics is something i’ve stayed away from for a few years after a decade and half of serious engagement at the national and state level. one can’t help be be engaged by the current exploits. its interesting to see how things are beginning to take shape…and i’m impressed by this guy from the keystone state. particularly i like how he walked through his win yesterday. thanking his helpmate…thanking his God…and sharing the story of the “why” of his effort. grateful for his willingness to engage. wonder what the race will look like when it gets to ohio?

2 thoughts on “the hands of freedom

  1. Scott Hall

    But what are his politics? He has been drowned out by a lot of louder personalities and I don’t think many people really know what he stands for…beginning with me. Guess I’ll have to take a more proactive closer look.

  2. admin Post author

    his voting record was incredibly stellar when he was in the senate. i’ve spent time with him, been a few years. he’s grounded in a solid conservative perspective. for me just those three things he gave gratitude to and for and a great place to start. he’s world view drives his responses…which is politics rightly understood. stay tuned.