the importance of story via @chrisbrogan

don miller @ story 2009/chicago

one of the good guys in “netosphere” is Chris Brogan.  He’s a keen mind and a great view of life lived large.  recently he picked up a copy of don miller’s book (which i’ve not read…yet) and offered this review… A Million Miles in a Thousand Years last year at  story don was a speaker.  i was grateful for his part in the conversation.  the whole day was filled with some great things to push through.  A reminder that our lives matter and that the “story” of our lives have great weight in the world if we can only see it that way.

i’m grateful for chris’s post to remind…that there is a larger story that our lives are playing a part in.  even today in a conversation with our elementary volunteers i reminded us that our “tweeners” (4th & 5th graders) are ready to live out their part in the Story.  And its one of the reasons that these students get bored with our program.  they’ve sat long enough, now they want to know their lives can make an impact.    check out brogan’s video and if you’ve not read miller’s work…probably pick up a copy soon.  also ben arment has another great conference planned for story 2010…stay tuned.