the journey there…

so the journey begins.

headed out today 6am with jim gribble, a great-hearted guy from our outpost (new hope community church) who is taking me to Springfield, MO.

  • i’m amazed that its here.  to think that just four weeks ago i wasn’t even a casual bike rider.  since then…
  • logged 400 training miles on three different bikes
  • obtained my own road cycle for this trip
  • received the incredible financial support from 6o different families and groups to result in meeting  my obligation of $5,ooo.
  • have had so many different conversations about leveraging each persons passions and gifting to make a difference.

need to thank so many who have invested, encouraged and pushed.

but especially on this day, i want to say thank you to my best friend and my bride, Melinda…and I love you.  You see this journey begins on the 32nd anniversary of our wedding.  crazy!  So many good things we’ve shared (and some tough things too!) but together its been a blast.  For some this may seem strange, but the character from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings offers me much joy…and encouragement.   I’ve used his defining character in so many conversations…and i find it of a “peculiar”  coincidence that Samwise joined Frodo on his amazing journey out of the Shire the day after  Frodo’s (and Bilbo’s) birthday celebration.

lots more to say…so follow along.