the mohican mtb 100

i’ve heard about this event, and since cycling has become a new advocation it was a lot fun to serve with a great group of folks today as 640 mountain bikers descended on our region to ride in a 100 mile or 100 kilometer premiere event called the Mohican MTB 100.  The race director, Ryan O’Dell has pulled together an amazing team of volunteers including some 50 of us from New Hope.  It was fun to hear from our own folks as i traveled around to a couple of the aid stations…(i had no idea the impact of this event!) It was also interesting to hear from many of the same folks that they were surprised that i or my colleague, Rob weren’t in the mix (maybe next year!)

But its impressive to see the diversity of the crowd and the passion by which the participants engaged the effort.  It was equally impressive to see many good folks lean into serving and blessing the participants with an extra touch of loving.  Heard it repeated hundreds of time…”you volunteers are amazing.”  On the organizational side, i’ve been part of many good and large events, this event was one of the best.  Well done all.