the Plague of Everyday Violence

Today is the release day of The Locust Effect – Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence written by Gary Haugen. Gary is the founder of International Justice Mission, a NGO that is focused on securing rescue for victims of slavery & other violent forms of oppression.

This book, The Locust Effect, brings to light the plight of the 4 billion people of the world’s poor who live “far from the law’s protection,” violence is an everyday threat.  And offers a solution that their everyday can change. Learn more at

This book is foundational and pivotal.  Watch this video and get a sense of what can be done.  As part of the launch effort, i’m delighted to offer a free copy of the book.  Click here to enter.  

The Locust Effect — a new book from Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros — exposes the plague of everyday violence laying waste to the developing world and undermining development. [Get the book here:  note: all author royalties go to fight violence – & THIS WEEK a grant gives $20 to @IJM for every copy sold.