the stealth conference

so you’ve probably figured out i’m on another journey. right now i’m in the room having just finished up a great evening. once we hit the  ground in california and got to santa ana and checked-in then we met up with tony steward and had a great meal at wahoo’s. of course there are several locations and of course i googled the wrong one. i had been there the last time i was out for the gathering last fall with tony so i knew what it didn’t look like. but we finally got there (10 minutes late) and had a great meal and a great conversation. then we headed over to the ipod cast room on the saddleback campus. worked for awhile to get all the connections right…finally tony simply rebooted the system and wal-la ready to go. here’s the link to the live ustream site. so stop by and join in the conversation. the next couple of days should be a lot of fun. i’m looking forward to adding my own voice to all that’s going on. you may also want to check out the LIVE SUMMIT Team who will be offering their thots under the guidance of the techmeister himself tony steward. below are a couple of pics from the tech center where the live action will make its place .