The Male Factor – Shaunti Feldhahn

in the pages of The Male Factor Shaunti Feldhahn offers may useful things…near the end she offers…

We have an incredible power and role we’re supposed to fulfill in the business world. God never intended us to play second fiddle, but we are supposed to allow his life to come through us instead of looking at people and trying to do it the world’s way. There’s incredible power in that.

This book is an excellent read. To be honest i was eager to get a review copy, because i wanted to get her take on guys in the work place. We all know that God created humanity at the level of gender. There is incredible mystery in that. And it takes many years…for men and women to clearly understand their role in the created order.

Feldhahn has taken her amazing research over eight years and pulled together a very useful volume in the public arena offering true insights to how men and women can relate better in the marketplace.

There are many good and useful observations that she provides from her surveys…with real bits of wisdom offered, here’s a clip…

Many, many men in my interviews told me that they too often saw women believe that surviving in the marketplace required transforming their personality into someone they weren’t and becoming “like a man”…Matthew, the North American sales manager… described it this way…(he) saw an overcompensation among women who felt like they had to change who they were in order to be successful. And that overcompensation often seemed to impact those characteristics that were decidedly female. But you can see strong female leaders who haven’t done that– and haven’t needed to. Margaret Thatcher was someone with the intellectual discipline and acumen to best any man in the room. She could be tough, but she maintained that characteristic that is distinctly female.

Lady Thatcher meets my oldest and my bride.

Personally, I saw that on several occaisions when i had the pleasure to host Lady Thatcher as a speaker. There was a command that she brought to those she spoke with in her capacities, but an incredible presence as a woman. The section heading of this particular discussion is “Be yourself; be confident in who you are”, and seems exactly on task.

The book is filled with many great reminders of embracing who God has created us to be, as men and women. The Male Factor is very useful roadmap to better understanding our place, together in the workforce. I heartily recommend you get yourself a copy and read it…men and women.

Great Read!  Get it.
Review Grade:  A

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About the Author: SHAUNTI FELDHAHN is the best-selling author of For Women Only:What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men and For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women. Her books have sold two million copies and have been translated into fifteen different languages. A longtime nationally sydicated columnist, she holds a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University, has worked on Wall Street, and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.