this new environ is trying

well…trying to get a handle on how this wordpress is to work. i guess in one sense its just the nature of living in a web 2.0 world. i’m trying to migrate a couple different things to it and well…the learning curve is a little steeper than i’d like. but i’ll get there. it was another good week. lots accomplished, but even more left to do. there was some really good news in one area and i hope to report on it in a larger way. there other things afoot that are disconcerting, but those will resolve themselves soon enoough.

one thing is not being able to easily put up pictures. i did find a cool plugin that allows me to post my picasa albums. and i’m sure there is an easier way, but i’ve not learned it yet. i will say this tool is more powerful than my old sites and the cool thing is i’ve got my own domain!

not sure what these next few weeks will bring. much work lies ahead.