this week’s party…my ramblings

picture-5-300x167.pngi’ve got to admit my more than passing interest in the political conventions that are and will be occupying our lives over these next couple of weeks. having spent some time engaged as an operative of sorts for the ’92 and ’96 campaign cycles i’ll be watching (fox news of course). beyond the obvious partisanship i’m reminded the value that these events afford, but also can’t help but wonder and wrestle with the real impact. one thing i learned today was the change of venue that will be afforded to the current convention when they move from the pepsi center in denver to invesco field so as to afford a much larger venue.  in principle i probably would have pushed for that kind of opportunity, but the cost of such a move is…at least in some sense offensive.  it seems the political process has been and still is about money and its influence.

i do find it interesting that obama hasn’t seen the bounce that he should have.  and i also think that in some circles a major reason for the funk can be found in the uncertianity that the broad 80% of voters just aren’t sure, and the civil forum from out at saddelback (godtube has the whole forum here) several weeks ago helped to further the distincion.  pastor rick said it on the front end, and it rings true…a world view matters.

picture-4-300x167.pngmy partianship aside and my disagreement over how to spend the money, the process that we’re watching is important.  it is the very best that is available to a free people.  and this process is vital to the health of the republic.  america is founded on a two party system.  the constrating of ideals in the public square is huge also.  But we are at a new day i think.  watching senator kennedy hand off his 46 year baton was impressive tonite.  though i would disagree with him on many fronts, i am grateful as a earthly citizen that he and others  who aspire to public office have taken on that mantel.

i’ll get my political fix these next couple of days, but i’ll also offer pondering this process i’m even more passionate about my call and place in the Kingdom as part of an incredible team at newhope where we are living out the great commission to reach and teach, literally the world for Jesus.