to be creative:you’ve got to be available

blaine hogan on stage at Story '09 photo by me.

blaine hogan on stage at Story 09. photo by me.

i know God has gifted me with with the ability to see things others don’t. it manifested itself early in my adolescence with my photographer’s eye. that’s why i’m constantly shooting video and snapping digital pictures.  its another reason why i’m always sharing what i see others doing.  at the core i think its about capturing the “creative” element and sharing with others…to educate…to impact…even to affect or  (is it effect?)

i guess, over the years i’ve leveraged that “photographers eye” in different contexts…a family wholesale business-political arena – non-profit fundraising and now vocational ministry.  but in all the “assignments” the creative element has been at the core.  one of the creative minds that i’ve come to greatly appreciate is a  brillant young man named blaine hogan (artist, actor, writer, producer. creative director @ willow creek community church).  he’s got a new book (UNTITLED: Thoughts on the Creative Process) soon to be released (7/27)…and recently posted some useful thots on the creative process on his blog.
the post was part of a project that darrell vesterfelt hosted over on This Is Me Thinking, with other amazing minds on the personal creative process.  here’s a useful clip from blaine’s post:

Scratch when you don’t itch.
Capture and catalog whatever comes.
Make it part of your weekly routine and stick to it.
I was telling a friend my idea of scratching and how I thought the creative process of getting ideas was more than anything about hard work.
He agreed but named a few times where it seemed like ideas just came to him or had been somehow given.

I believe things like this happen and when they do they are an act of God.
However, I don’t believe they happen without a person who is available.

the whole post is worth the read and then this video from the 2010 leadership summit at willowreek lives his mind out loud. amazing stuff.  i love those two lines above.  been thinking about that alot lately as i’ve seen God show up in some of the creative changes i’ve pushed through over the past year in our children and student ministry.  beyond what is blaine’s final product visually, is the message… being quiet and waiting on God to speak.