tocqueville in the sticks and life church

one of the great things about being part of a outpost working in the sticks is the relationships that come from our common associations.  i find it particularly interesting that alexis tocqueville made early notice of that while visiting colonial america.  tocqueville notes in Chapter 5 entitled OF THE USE WHICH THE AMERICANS MAKE OF PUBLIC ASSOCIATIONS IN CIVIL LIFE…

If men (and women) are to remain civilized or to become so, the art of associating together must grow and improve in the same ratio in which the equality of conditions is increased.

so one of my many attributes is to develop those associations.  our friend, tony steward has stepped off as the online campus pastor at life church and they are engaging a whole new level of enterprise to broaden such common gathering.  so this weekend tony is asking for some assistance with  they’ve developed a new kind of tool and want some help testing it.

So, this coming Sunday (November 16th)  at 1pm Central Time. You can be part of the first group of people outside of to actually interact and use the new tool, and your feedback will be important as they refine the tool for launch.

so tomorrow hop over to and join the conversation.

another thot that popped because of our modern day tocqueville…seth godin…the internet and those that use it really can take “associations” to a whole new level…this clip from seth…

The system doesn’t know what to do with a movement.