truly amazing times

we really do live in amazing times.  i’ve mentioned here before how i wished my first political boss, clif white was still around.  the stories he told about the smoked-filled rooms and the trailers on the floor of the past conventions were reminders of the true craft of politics.  and  one, regardless of partisan standing has to be impressed to live at this moment in history when the first african-american candidate is running for highest offiice in the land.  last night’s acceptance speech, although ostenaious was brillant stagecraft.   and now today senator mccain showing a real understanding of what’s at stake by selecting gov. sarah palin to be his running mate.  amazing stuff.  just heard on fox news a conversation with newt gingrich when back in april he offered the name of gov. palin as a “interesting prospect” for conisderation as vp.  newt is pretty smart.  i remember going through some of clif’s papers after his death and finding a letter written to him by a professor newt gingrich.  he was then a professor political science.  that document was written in the late 70’s…as i read it, in the spring of ’93, it was clearly the foundation of newt’s arguements for what came to be known as the “contract with America” which is credited with the re-writing of the federal welfare programs.    fun stuff.

it was interesting too tonite to hear sen. obama distance himself from the hairtrigger response that was sent out earlier today.  apparently the campagin in chicago fired off a quick memo that was a put down of gov. palin’s pick.  those machine reactions are just one reason why i bailed from the political process.  despite my philosphoical disagreements with sen. obama i am very impressed with his character and his quick response today to welcome gov. palin to battle. oh for more common sense debate in the public square.  to push the “king makers” out of their places so that we can have a healthy debate about the interests of the nation.  fun stuff this is. stay tuned… the next 68 days are going to be really interesting.  its about time.

One thought on “truly amazing times

  1. Jeff

    Good post. You crack me up, though. Watching you amidst all this political stuff is like watching a kid in toys r us for the first time.