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centervvif  you don’t know about the center for vision & values at grove city college…you should.  their team is insightful and they offer some great observations on our political life.  go here to sign-up for their occasional email.  its worth your time…and its free.

there’s an interesting observation in the most recent offering from Dr. Paul Kengor on the growing observation on how Obama has spoken the name of Jesus more often and in less time than his predecessor.  its amazing how the political tide turns…its  just really interesting.  here’s a clip.

“Obama will pursue these goals with the secular-liberal media’s acquiescence, silent approval and encouragement, and warmest appreciation. To cover for this political recruitment by their president, liberals in the press will ignore the activity, and certainly not expose it in their news coverage.” In “Talking Jesus: Obama vs. Bush” (880 words), professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College—Dr. Paul Kengor—discusses a recent article in the Politico, on the topic of President Barack Obama’s frequent references to Jesus, which exceed that of his predecessor, President George W. Bush. But this is nothing new, as Dr. Kengor notes the “tip of an iceberg. I’ve devoted chapters and books to liberal Democrats’ extremely expressive public expressions of faith. A core element of that story is how the press embraces these expressions but then, on a dime, turns and blasts conservative Republicans for much milder statements.” “So, be prepared to be greatly frustrated,” Kengor concludes. “The press has made it abundantly clear: there are different sets of rules for conservative Christian politicians and liberal Christian politicians.”

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