so i made it to cincy around midnite. got connected with jim clark and his right hand jeff…or it may be the other way around. jeff is a volunteer @ jim’s outpost. jeff has been a volunteer longer than jim’s been in vocational ministry. both have great hearts and i was blessed to share a midnite snack (actually a full breakfast..burp!) @ a waffle house accross the river in covington. i met jim last fall at the pdym gathering @ saddleback. we’ve done a couple of podcasts together for our pal tony. it was great to talk and share stories. i couldn’t help but notice that the whole time we were at waffle house everyone…staff and guests were text messaging the whole time. interesting how that medium connects everyone. need to think that through for ministry purposes. interesting stuff.   don’t forget i’ve still got a freebie to give away…send that picture of josh, doug or anyone else on the pdym staff.